In this episode of RealTalk, I ask the question… do you really hate Mondays…?
If we really think about it, Mondays are just like any other day during the week and is a way for us to track where we are in time.
The difference is what Monday’s mean and represent to you and they mean something different to all of us.
It could represent opportunity…
It could represent having to “do it all again”…
It’s a matter of perspective and reframing things to work for you.
If you “hate” Monday’s then this episode is definitely for you as we start to as we explore what Mondays represent to you and how you can change this.

Episode Summary:

  • Many people hate Mondays. Or they think they do. In fact, they hate what Mondays represent to them. In this episode of RealTalk, we start to change that. 
  • Mondays are just like any other day in the week and is just a way to track where we are in time.
  • In any given situation including whether you “hate” Mondays it’s important to gain perspective and reframe any situation to work for you rather than against you.

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