I get asked this question A LOT…

“Luke, how did you get started?”

So, I decided to answer this question in this episode of RealTalk. If I were to sum it up though…

I knew, deep down that there was more to life than meets the eye and didn’t want to slave at a 9 to 5 my whole life, just to have a bunch of regrets in 60 years time.

I started a t-shirt business, didn’t really know what I was doing…

I got involved in network marketing and affiliate marketing, didn’t really know what I was doing…

There was “failure” after “failure”…

But, I learnt a lot.

Then, one day over 12 months ago I sat down, reflected on my whole life up to that point and right there saw the thing that was under my nose the whole time. I saw the thing I wanted to purpose.

I knew, in that moment that my purpose is to help other young people who had the same questions as I did, who felt different to everyone else, as I did and who had the same burning desire to pursue their passions, ideas and purpose as I did and unlock their true potential.

This is where Grow2Gether was born.

But, if I hadn’t of started my journey of pursuing my passions, purpose and ideas then would Grow2Gether exsist, would I be helping people every day make their ideas happen and would I be growing personally everyday and expanding my mindset… probably not.

The moral of this episode of RealTalk is to just start pursuing your passions, ideas, mission, vision and purpose.

Episode Summary:

  • How I started the journey of pursuing my passions, ideas and purpose and how you can too.
  • Figuring out the answers is part of the journey and if we need to wait until we know all the answers will we be waiting for a long time – if not forever.
  • The art of reflection and self-discovery will help you to figure out who you are, what your passions, purpose and goals are that will save you time in chasing things that aren’t in alignment with your overall life mission and vision.

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