You see it all the time… people of all ages ignoring their challenges and obstacles by reverting to to short term pleasures like drinking, drugs, food and many others. Most people go into self-pity mode and stay in these non-resourceful mental states, doing the same thing over and over again hoping for change but not doing anything different. Not facing their challenges.

As I work with and I am passionate about helping the younger generation it’s definitely something that many young people go through and in this episode of RealTalk I share a strategy I use to help me look my challenges in the eyes and know that I will overcome it.

At the end of the day, instead of directing all that energy, effort, time and even money into these short term pleasures, don’t you think its a better idea to direct all of these things into overcoming challenges rather than staying stuck?

Episode Summary:

  • What short term pleasures are and how most people revert to them when new challenges and obstacles appear.
  • The dangers behind reverting to short term pleasures and how to overcome this.
  • A process I use to help me to face my challenges head on and know I will overcome them.

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