In this episode of #RealTalk I explain the importance of developing new skill sets in all walks of life and how to do so.

It doesn’t if you want to build something around your passions or are happy working a job. Developing the right skill sets is something not to be frowned upon.

People wonder and complain about being on £6, £7 or £8 per hour at their jobs and expect to get a higher paying job or build a huge business without the necessary skill sets. This just doesn’t add up!

We explore all of this in this episode of RealTalk as well as how the internet changed the game and there are now 100’s of ways we can develop new skill sets, without having to invest heavily in higher education like University. It’s just a matter of looking in the right places and being curious. I also give you some ideas of where to look in this episode.

Episode Summary:

  • The internet changed the game and gave us all new opportunities to learn new skill sets rather than going down the traditional route of doing things meaning we no longer have to go to higher education.
  • In order to earn more money from either a J.O.B or build a successful business around your passion, you must learn the right skill sets in order to do so.
  • Identifying the skill sets you need to develop is all about asking yourself with right questions.

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