Maybe it’s only natural that at some point in our lives we have all been guilty of procrastination, for whatever reason.

In essence, procrastination is delaying action. But, why would we delay action?

There could be a whole number of reasons why we would delay taking action. Either consciously or unconsciously I might add.

And, the only way to find out why is to explore it. That’s one of the things that has helped me to overcome procrastination…

To explore WHY I am procrastinating. 

So, in this episode of The RealTalk Experience, I share how I’ve overcome procrastination by finding the root of why I was procrastinating and by implementing two key strategies that enable me to change my state almost instantly.

Episode Summary:

  • Getting to the root of WHY you are procrastinating is the only way to stop procrastinating in the long term.
  • How developing more self-awareness can help you to idenfity the reasons behind why you’re procrastinating and what you can to do to instantly get out of that state.
  • We all have conversations with ourselves, either consciously or unconsciously (other known as self-talk). Learn how to start to program your self-talk and create trigger moments to overcome procrastination.

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