Have a passion, vision or idea you want to make happen? Good. You're in the right place to make it happen.

Things are changing. Us human begins are living more than ever and are fed up of just walking through life like zombies, constantly running on the hamster wheel because we’ve been told that’s what we must do – which leads to having no purpose, feeling unfulfilled, unhappy and LOST! 

I should know, I felt this way from a young age but through ongoing personal development, igniting my passions, creating a vision for my life and making my ideas happen instead of procrastinating on them, I’ve completely changed my life.

I now help people to do the same and through my site you’ll find all of the tools, tactics and information needed to take whatever passion, vision or big idea you have and make it happen so you can truly unlock your purpose and potential and change the world in your own little (or big) way!


My Story.

I suppose I should start of my story by answering the question.. “Am I qualified?”

Short answer is, yes I am.

Long answer is, I believe experience beats a piece of paper and as you’re about to read in just my relatively short 23 years on planet earth I’ve been through a fair few mental challenges which makes me experienced and more wiser than other people my age. But, rest assured I do have certificates and qualifications in this stuff and have experience working with people of all ages and in communities helping them ignite their passions and make their ideas happen.

Now, that that’s out of the way let’s dive into the real meaty stuff! 😉

I’m not going to give you some sob story about how I had it all and lost it or I had some traumatic childhood event. I actually had an amazing childhood, spending my time on a farm, with family or playing (or watching) football or wrestling with friends.

Of course, there are some memories that stick out that help shape who I am, what I believe in and go a long way to my life values and how I live my life.

What I will say, is up until I started exploring this personal development and entrepreneurial world I always kept my ambitions, vision and dreams to myself – I never wanted to say to much because I didn’t want people to laugh at me or say it wasn’t possible when I knew it was.

And, plus my default state is to be quiet, shy and to be more of an observer which actually has more advantages than you may think.

While I’ve always been ambitious, I never wanted to follow the traditional way of doing things. As soon as I was 16 and left school, that was it, I was off. I had no interest to go to University and college was a bit of a bind. I never understood why people would get themselves into debt, serious debt, to go to University – unless they wanted to be a Doctor etc.

Anyhow, at college more ideas started to come to me, not that I done much with them other than planning ands researching and a lot of dreaming..

Then, during my second year I decided right in the middle of class that I had enough of going to college to learn well… nothing!

I was studying ICT and while the first year went O.K. we had a new tutor in the second year It’s fair to say his teaching style didn’t suit my learning style – and come spring 2013 I had enough so I walked home, never to return!

Sat at home one day, I realised that yes, I want to start my own business. Screw working for someone else for the rest of my life. I want to be in control, do something that I love and live my best life but…

What does a 17-year-old with no business experience whatsoever know about business…?


So, that’s when I decided to get business apprenticeship and things went downhill from there…

Up until this point, on the side I had played with the idea of training to be a football manager/coach. At the time, I just didn’t have the confidence to pursue it after getting my basic level FA coaching badges.

October 2013 was when I started my business apprenticeship and the first 3 months were good. I had some money and could start to do more things. I had just reconnected with some old friends too but then things started to happen…

I was feeling more and more unfulfilled, unhappy and fed up of doing the same shit day in, day out. I thought it would pass, so on I went.

It was like bank holidays, weeks off and other events came at just the right time. I stuck at it for far longer than I should.

I also started to feel and notice I was different from most people my age. I didn’t want to go drinking, clubbing, partying or whatever…

Still to this day, I don’t see the point.

I would rather spend my time working on myself, travelling, building my business, having deep conversations, playing football or even stargazing!

My circle just didn’t see it.

And, all of this plus, battling with the demons in my head, and sorting out some family challenges brought on severe anxiety to the point where I couldn’t even walk into a supermarket and found it challenging to drive.  

When we're growing up there are all sorts of people telling us what to do when really what we need is a space to work out who we are.

Negativity never got anyone, anywhere. This is your reminder that positivity always wins.

January 2015 was both a difficult and breakthrough year for me as this was the year I started my first business, second business which both failed and found personal development. 

It was also around this time that I had been given some type of pills for my anxiety but was adamant I wasn’t taking them. And, I didn’t – I knew there was a better way and through going to a CBT Therapist and diving in personal development myself I proved myself right.

I was still working a job that I hated but now I wasn’t an apprentice but a full time employee.

I would work on at my job 9 to 5, come home try to keep family happy, friends happy and work on my business/side hustle.

It was challenging but I accepted the challenge and made it work.

That was until my “friends” started to pay more of an interest into what I was doing. And, then laughed at what I was doing.

My second business was a Network Marketing Business. Not, that I knew that at the time. I actually thought it was a work from home job. 

From this moment, along with a couple of other events that happen – yep some serious relationship challenges, I slowly distance myself and started to work on myself even more.

In 2017, after not . having much success in two Network Marketing Companies I decided to start something up of my own I was actually passionate about as I had a eureka moment that surely I wasn’t the ONLY young person who was facing similar challenges.

That was when Grow2Gether was born.

I created Grow2Gether to provide young people a space where they could meet and grow alongside other like-minded people who have a dream, a vision and just a belief that there is more to life than meets the eye and they want to find out what that is for them.

Since, Grow2Gether has developed into not only helping young people but also helping those who truly want to create their lives, they have a vision passion or idea they want to make happen but don’t know here to start.

Grow2Gether has been massively shaped by the work I’ve done in communities as a Community Organiser and of course through my ongoing personal development, and being in the entrepreneurial world. It’s been shaped by the amazing inspirational people I’ve met across the world. 

And, from this I’ve found my purpose, created an exciting vision for my life and get to help others do the same for their own lives.

We live in the 21st century where you don’t have to follow the traditional route of doing things anymore and can create a lifestyle around doing what you love.

5 years ago I felt empty, had no purpose and just wanted to. make a difference in the world but didn’t know where to start. Through personal development, entrepreneurship and connecting with amazing people I get to now share my message, tell my truth and help others ignite their own passions just like I’m doing.

At the end of the day, when we come together and do what we love we can achieve more!

That’s my truth, now go and find yours!