What is the Grow2Gether Academy and How Can it Help You?

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During the second week of August (2018), while sitting in my Dublin apartment getting ready for a Liverpool FC friendly, I had a eureka moment to take Grow2Gether in a brand new direction. 
Up to that point, I’d had gradually been building my business helping more young people to make their ideas happen.
I wanted to take business in a direction and work on Grow2Gether more. One of the things I love to do is help others, especially the young people and millennials.
Basically, my age group.
And, I want to do more of it.
I know what it’s like to have a lack of purpose, direction, feel stuck, confused, overwhelmed and just feel different. For most of my young adult life, life was this way. I was trying to fit in and find my voice in the world.
A huge part of what I do is to help young people and adults who are in a similar position to what I was in to get out of the rut and pursue their passions and purpose. Personal growth, self-development, and entrepreneurship completely changed my life and now I want to this message with the world.
Over the last 18 months I’ve been a part of different group coaching and mentoring programs and have seen what works and what I could do differently if I were to launch my own group coaching program.
After reflecting upon it more, I decided rather than JUST launch a group coaching program, I’d launch a full membership site.
This is where the Grow2Gether Academy was born.
It’s funny as while I was doing some reflection one afternoon I looked back at my 2018 “game plan”.
I noticed that in my plan for 2018, I had written down “full flow coaching program with online back office and products”.
So, you could say it was always in my plan to launch something like the Academy.
When you’re working with people on a 1-2-1 basis there are only so many people you can help.
We all only have so much time in the day and if I’m completely honest I would also like to pursue many different ventures alongside coaching, mentoring and building Grow2Gether.
This isn’t a bad thing, in fact, I tell my clients the exact same thing.
If you have many passions, pursue them. Just start with the one that you’ll MOST passionate about right now.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…
Starting something new is one of the most challenging and hardest things you’ll do.
Well, there are many factors at play.
The one that stands out is the sheer unknown and fear we have attached to it.
“It might now work”
“I’ve never done anything like this before”
“What happens if I fail”
The list goes on.
This is something that we’re definitely going to be covering in the Grow2Gether Academy.
I’m launching the Grow2Gether Academy to help more young people and millennials start their personal growth journeys because I truly believe more young people need personal growth and self-development.
The challenge is most of the time they don’t know where to start.
We’ve made this really simple in the Grow2Gether Academy. And, it starts with our ‘Confused2Clarity’ Coaching & Mentoring Program.
This program is a series of interactive videos and content to help young people gain clarity on who they are.
From personal experience, one of the challenges young people face is working out who they are.
And, I mean at the core. Who they truly are!
I’m a believer that we create ourselves. And, therefore create who we are.
However, I also believer in order to do this we have to gain clarity on our life values and core beliefs no matter where we are in life.
We all have strengths, weaknesses, qualities, skills, and achievements.
This is all part of being clear on who you are.
Most young people don’t consciously know all of these things.
The ‘Confused2Clarity’ program will solve this!
Alongside the platforms main program, there will also be a huge resource called ‘The Leaders Library’.
This will be a collection of courses and other training material covering every area of the self-development industry.
This includes…
• Confidence
• Leadership
• Goal Setting
• Self-Awareness
• Health & Wellness
• Growth Mindset
Amongst many others!
We’re delivering this by working with coaches, mentors, and trainers in the field who know their stuff and are committed to also helping others.
Some of the other key features include…
  • A 90 Minute Welcome Complimentary Session
  • Monthly 1-2-1 Sessions with Your Own Personal Coach
  • Live Weekly Mastermind Group Calls
  • Your Very Own Detailed Action Plan Roadmap
  • 30% Refer-A-Friend Earning Potential
The list goes on…
I’m really excited to be bringing you the Grow2Gether Academy. It’s going to be a journey and an ever-growing resource to help this generation and the future generations to come to unlock their true potential through the power of personal growth and self-development.
It’s time to do something different. And, the Grow2Gether Academy is something different.
My hope is that I’ll see you inside…
Until next time
Luke Burrows

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