What To Do When You’ve Just Graduated University

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This might prove be a little controversial seeing as I’ve never been to University. However, I have worked with a number of people my age that have, had conversations with many that have and have also interviewed people that have on my Motivational Mentors Podcast.

So, because of this, and my desire to always want to help others, I’m going to share what to do when you’ve just graduated University.

Before I dive into it, I would like to point out that I totally understand being in a situation is totally different to having a third person view on things – like I’m going to have. And, I understand that being a student can be very difficult with all the finances struggles etc.

However, I truly believe we are only ever one decision away from changing our lives for the better and being a student is no different!

During my conversations with those who have been to University, I have gotten mixed feedback. With some saying it’s a great experience and further education is a must and others saying it’s a completely waste of time and money.

I’m going to try and be balance throughout this blog post, as if in my opinion is you want to be a doctor, lawyer and work in the services at a high level then of course, University is a must. So, it completely depends on the career path you want to take.

If on the other hand, none of those types of careers interest you then I do believe that you should look at other options…

In my opinion, in life there is no point looking back at the maybe’s, could have’s and should have’s, unless you are reflecting – something I highly recommend and do myself every Sunday. So, whether you regret University or not, now that you’ve graduated or perhaps are about to graduate what are you going to do next?

I’m all about helping people, especially the next generation to ignite their passions and unlock their true potential. It’s curial we all pursue our goals and dreams and for me, it starts with asking the question what am I passionate about and what do I want to do with my life?

We all have passions, and whether you believe it or not we can live our passion every single day.

What does this mean?

Simply put, living your passion means doing what you love to do every day.

And, the best way I believe to do that is to build your own business.

You may not have any interest in all the “business” stuff and that is O.K as you can outsource all of that stuff.

If you want complete control and freedom I believe this is the best way to live your passion.

That’s not to saying, working a job that is around your passion is a bad thing. It just means you’ll have less control and freedom.

I’m slightly going off topic here, but it’s important as when you’re consciously aware of your life values and take the time to explore what they are then knowing what you want becomes easier as you will know if freedom is something you value and desire.

This is why I believe more young people and young adults have no idea what they want to do – or at least say they don’t. They aren’t consciously aware of their live values. I mean, 24 months ago I had no idea what mine were so I don’t blame people because it’s not something we get taught.

Although it’s not our, we must take 110% responsibility and do something to change it. Especially now as graduates as you’re about to make some big decisions.

But, whatever decision you make it’s not the be all and end all as anytime you want me to take your life in a new direction, make the decision to do so then take massive action in that direction. Only you can determine where you want to go and the things you want to achieve in your life.

With all this said, and bare it in mind, I believe the No.1 thing to do when you’ve just graduated University to “find your passion” and what you want to do bar exploring your life values is to…

Try stuff!

Literally, try stuff…

As I mentioned, I’m all about helping people to ignite their passions…

And, you do that by trying sh*t.

Take me for example…

I tried to launch a clothing brand and I failed.

I tried network marketing and I failed.

I tried affiliate marketing and I failed.

Now, were they actually all failures because each time I learnt something new?

Something to think about right?!

I like to recommend an exercise called “Brain Dumping” for helping people to get started to try new things.

You can use brain dumping for a multiple of different things. From setting goals, to planning your week to just getting everything off of your mind!

But, for the purpose of this article, use it to help you to start trying new things to ignite your passions because they’re inside of you – they just need igniting.

Start off by getting a piece of paper and a pen.

Then, write down everything you like to do, everything you’d like to try and anything you truly see yourself doing.

Next, pick 5 that you have a strong connection too and start pursuing those!

If 5 is to overwhelming try 3 and what you might find, like I did is that sometimes when you try something it leads down certain paths that you never thought existed and this is the great thing about just trying stuff. If I had never have tried network marketing would I have found the personal development industry?

Everything is just part of our unique journey, and no matter what anyone else tells you, you don’t need to have your life planned out when you graduate or at any other part of your life.

Sure, having goals, dreams and a vision is key but you can develop all of these. My point here is that you don’t have to get married by 25, have kids by 30, buy a house at 35 and so on…

The world doesn’t operate like that anymore. Go and live your life, try sh*t. Even if you begin with small steps.

I will use myself as an example again…

I know I can do A LOT more in terms of seeing more of the world and different experiences. I’ve only been on a plane once and that was to Ireland last summer to watch my football team (Liverpool FC) play Napoli in a pre-season friendly.

Now, you might be thinking that’s not very big, and I totally agree with you but it was trying something new and doing something I’ve never done before. It’s a small step.

And, sometimes, depending where you are at, you need to take those small steps. Even if you want to do something like I am and put yourself out there you’ve got to start somewhere.

Over 24 months ago I started documenting and creating content. I started with my RealTalk show (over 200 episodes), and now I’m producing all different types of content including Motivational Mentors and my Straight to the Point Show. RealTalk doesn’t exist anymore.

I believe from a young age we have to do a better job at installing confidence and belief into people as you can do anything you choose to do, and this will become a lot clearer when you have a greater sense of your life values, core beliefs, mission, vision and purpose which I have briefly mentioned.

So, in summary, what should you do after graduation?

The No. 1 thing I think you should do is spend 12 to 18 months trying new things. I made the mistakes of working at and staying at a boring 9 to 5 job for too long. Don’t make the same mistake. Try new things.

And, while you are trying to things start to understand more of who you truly are, by gaining clarity on your life values, core beliefs, mission, vision and purpose.

These are the sorts of things we’re helping the next generation with at Grow2Gether. So, if you’re wanting to know more click here and head on over to the Grow2Gether website.

Until next time

Luke Burrows

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