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In this email, we’re back with my latest podcast episode as we talk about sleep and how to get better sleep starting tonight. I share an insight about stress and an idea to help you procrastinate less. We finish with a life principle on doing more!

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Latest Podcast

My latest podcast episode.

In this episode, I’m joined by Carolina Ramuski who is a Naturopathic Nutritionist and Certified Holistic Health Coach, specialising in sleep health.

We discuss the importance of sleep and how it affects our overall health and well-being. We dive deep into circadian rhythms, exploring what a circadian rhythm is, and how these sleep-wake cycles are not only crucial for good sleep but control every biological process within the human body and therefore, are crucial for human health.

If you want better sleep then this is the episode for you! Listen or watch wherever you get your podcasts from and if you gain value from the episode or learn a thing or two don’t forget to leave a review, it’s one of the best ways to support the show!

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1 Insight To Consider

Thought-provoking insights to think about.

I’ve come to realise that stress much like life as a whole is a perception. Meaning that two people can experience the same situation but one is left feeling stressed, and the other may not even be phased…

I’m yet to uncover, why but think that this realisation can be used as a self-awareness tool to help us identify our stressors, and put plans in place so that we feel less stressed when our stressors emerge!

For example, the next time you feel stressed, ask ‘What is it about this situation that is making me feel stressed?’ is it because, I don’t have control over the situation, or because my values have been violated in some way…

By asking these thought-provoking deeper questions we can start to live more consciously, and I believe that when we are our most conscious selves, we are our best selves!

Test it out the next time you feel stressed, or any heightened emotion. That goes for the feel-good emotions such as joy, happiness, elation etc. and lower emotions, such as sadness and apathy etc. and see what you learn about yourself.

It’s worth pointing out that I’m abstaining from labelling them as good or bad because no emotion is either good or bad. All emotions are equal, and tools to understand ourselves, navigate the world, and use as feedback to learn and grow!

Remember: our emotions are a perception. Not reality.

1 Idea To Act On

Simple actions to improve your health & life.

We all procrastinate and put things off. It could just be part of the human experience.

But, to live our best lives sometimes we just have to face the things we don’t want to face!

So, with that being said my challenge to you is to…

Put down your phone, or device after you finish reading this paragraph, and doONE thing that you’ve been putting off! You know, the thing that first comes to your mind. Do that. Right now!


Principle Of Life

Principles & reminders to help you live your best life.

#13:Do more, say less.

Until next week,

Luke Burrows

Founder, Podcast Host

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