Luke Burrows

Founder, Host & Optimist

Hi, I’m Luke 👋 and I’m the founder of lfo, a talk show host, optimist, and truth seeker who is on a path of conscious personal growth, holistic health, practical spirituality, and exploring my curiosities, interests, passions, and everything in between while I share what I learn along the way to leave the world in a better place than when I found it.

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I’ve been on a journey of entrepreneurship since 2015. My latest project lfo is a lifestyle brand where the health, growth, and transformation of humanity come first. Learn more here.


I’m the creator and host of Raising Consciousness; a talkshow and podcast where I have open, honest, and real conversations to raise human consciousness on the planet. Join the conversation.


I’m an optimist. Not because I think everything is positive. But because I strive towards what’s possible and know that there is always a solution and something greater trying to emerge.


Dogma, biases, and opinions while are to be respected aren’t the truth. I want the truth and always strive to get to the heart of the matter. This is how we raise human consciousness.

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