Luke Burrows

RC03: How to Expand Your Consciousness with Ash Ashby

Expanding consciousness is a transformative journey of personal growth and spirituality. All journeys are different and have their ups and downs with a few common denominators that are universal. One of which is that you come become more self-aware as what happened to Alec Ashby who in this episode of Raising Consciousness shares his journey […]

RC02: What is Heart-Centred Leadership with Ryan Hartley

Personal growth and living a purposeful life are really the essence of life and often come down to self-awarenesIn this episode of Raising Consciousness, we’re joined by Ryan Hartley. s, self-discovery, aligning one’s actions with their true essence and having the ability to lead oneself. Self-awareness plays a crucial role in the journey of personal growth. […]

RC01: What is Human Consciousness?

Welcome to “Raising Consciousness,” where raising human consciousness happens. I’m excited by the journey that we’re about to embark on as we explore and have the conversations that no one else is having to raise human consciousness on the planet and leave the world in a better place for both current and future generations. Human […]