Luke Burrows

Hi, I'm Luke 👋

After years of struggling to find my place in the world while navigating my late teens and early twenties I’m now on a mission to help people live their best life through holistic health and raising human consciousness; care to join me? Drop me a message! I’m always open for a chat.

A company that owns brands and businesses that put the health and growth of humanity first and raise human consciousness.

Where I have exclusive conversations that no one else (relative) is having exploring the human experience through ancient wisdom and modern health affirming science.

I’m an advocate for human health. Because it matters!

Always seeing the light and striving towards what’s possible.

Constantly learning, from everyone and everywhere.

Where My Story Began

My journey began with dropping out of college at 17, feeling directionless I stumbled upon business and entrepreneurship, which ignited a new passion within me. Despite lacking any background in business, I dove into a business apprenticeship, setting me on an unexpected path.

However, my journey veered into the confines of the 9 to 5 grind, where I was surrounded by office politics and negativity. Despite my initial perseverance and hard work, I found myself trapped in a cycle of discontent, unhappiness, and anxiety for over five years trying to find my place in the world. I struggled to conform to societal expectations and appease the people around me which over time led to me plummeting into a state of depression, chronic anxiety, and panic attacks. Even tasks like going into a supermarket became daunting as I grappled with my mental health while attempting various entrepreneurial endeavours to break free from the 9 to 5 rut.

Yet, through my darkest moments, I discovered personal growth and self-help resources which I intuitively knew was the path for me. I rejected medical intervention, as I couldn’t understand how numbing the pain through traditional methods would help with what I was experiencing. That’s on me. So ever since I’ve been on a journey of self-discovery, gradually overcoming my challenges and reshaping my perspective on life. This journey has sparked a transformation shift leading me to prioritise health and personal growth, delve into the complexities of human consciousness and human behaviour, and embrace spirituality. I’m not religious, nor what people perceive a “spiritual” person to be like. Instead, I’m open-minded, realise the interconnectedness of our existence, fascinated by the human experience, why we are here, and the point of it all.

How My Work Will Benefit You

The big question that drives what I do is, “Why are we here? And while we are here how can we live our best lives?

In other words, I want to find the meaning and purpose of what it means to be human and share what I learn with the world so that the vast majority of people can live their best lives.

This is why I’ve taken on the almighty mission to help people live their best lives through holistic health and raising human consciousness because I believe that when we aren’t our healthiest selves we aren’t our best selves which means we don’t live our best lives. We’re in survival mode. Not thrive.

But if you’re anything like me it’s so easy to get overwhelmed with all of the conflicting information out there, when it comes to topics such as health. So I’ve decided to make it simpler by exploring all facets of the human experience through:

  1. Ancient Wisdom — what humans have been doing the longest.
  2. Modern Health Affirming Science — to advance the quality of our lives and help solve many of the chronic issues we face today.

I believe the answer lies between the lines of ancient wisdom and modern health-affirming science and by sharing what I learn, uncover, and discover along the way you get to…

  • Improve your health, holistically.
  • Live consciously.
  • Create a life of purpose and meaning.
  • Become more of who you truly are.
  • Remember what it means to be human.

Most of the concepts I share aren’t my own. They are what I discover and build upon after many hours of reading, research, and conversations with experts, leaders, and the world’s greatest minds with so much more lived experience and wisdom than me. I consider it my job to listen, learn, uncover, and discover, and then join all of that together to come to a consensus and truth that helps the vast majority of people live their best lives.

I don’t claim to have all the answers and I still have a lot to learn, but I’m happy to share what I’ve discovered so far. My work isn’t the only way to live life, but hopefully, you’ll find it useful to live yours.

Ventures & Projects

I’ve learned and accepted that I don’t fit into a box, and do any of us really? I’ve learned to accept my multi-passionate and polymath nature (as well as introverted tendencies, and imperfections). With this in mind, below is a list of my current ventures and projects.

LFO (live full out)

A company that owns brands and businesses that put the health and growth of humanity first and raise human consciousness.

Raising Consciousness

A podcast that explores the human experience through ancient wisdom and modern health-affirming science to raise human consciousness.

Rebel Meet-Ups

A global network of free events that provide spaces for entrepreneurial minds to connect & share. I host the Gloucester meetup. Come and join us.


A social enterprise that uses content, community, and events to develop the viral soft skills aspiring business leaders. I help out with community management and content creation.

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