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Recommended resources to elevate your health and take your personal growth to the next level

I only recommend brands, products, tools, and resources that I personally use and love!

Breathwork, meditation, and holistic health practices have changed my life for the better and there is no better community and platform to go to than SOMA Breath to learn a range of tools, techniques, and practices driven by ancient wisdom to help you live a healthier, happier, and fulfilling life. One reason why I love and recommend SOMA Breath is because of their holistic approach to health and wellbeing and how it’s tailored to your specific needs. I love this approach because I believe it’s what health is all about. Health is holistic, and there is not a one-size-fits-all approach because we all are different and unique in so many ways.

If you follow my content, listen to Raising Consciousness, or have been following me for any length of amount of time you would have heard and seen me talk about MindValley. It’s nearly in every piece of content that I create (okay maybe an exaggeration) because it’s completely changed my life for the better. MindValley has given me access to the community, knowledge, and leading experts across many areas of self-improvement and entrepreneurship that have changed the way I think, act, behave, and show up in life. The journey has not been easy; and nor “should” it be. But, with MindValley by my side, it’s made and continues to make the journey of continuous self-improvement easier. Oh, and I’m now a local host for Bristol and the South West of England 😉.

Navigating my late teens and early twenties was not easy. I was an oddball not interested in alcohol, clubbing, or living the traditional twenty-something lifestyle. And, when you add being entrepreneurial and wanting to build something meaningful that will outlast you, and make a difference in the world instead of getting a “normal” job, people definitely start to think you’re not just crazy but insane. That was me. And, maybe that’s you. However, I found my tribe and you can too. I found my tribe at Rebel Meet-Ups and have gone on to become a local host for Gloucester. If you live in the area or are passing through come and join us on the second Tuesday of every month for great conversations and to connect with fellow founders and rebels of all kinds.

My favourite brands

Get high-quality organic health & fitness supplements from VIVO LIFE who don’t only source the best ingredients but do so in a sustainable way that better your health and the planet.

Increase your flexibility and strength with YOGABODY® who offer training programs, products, and challenges designed to help you improve your healthspan.

LARQ offers revolutionary products that don’t only filter your water but neutralise up to 99.99% of harmful, odour-causing bacteria and other contaminants put in our water.

Reach your hydration goal every day with Waterdrop. Waterdrop creates products that enrich your water to help you drink more. They also have amazing high-quality drinkware that you’ll love.

products, tools, and resources I use and recommend

If you’re looking for natural deodorant free from hidden nasties then look no further than Wild. Wild offer the best sustainable natural deodorant in 5 great scents that are good for you and the planet.

It’s becoming known that blue light ruins your sleep. Yet, we live in a blue-light-rich world. Ocushield has developed science-backed blue light-protecting products that protect you from your digital device screens.

Simple and easy to use, Things 3 is a next-level productivity tool that helps you plan your day, manage your projects, and make real progress toward your goals. Available on Mac, iPhone, and iPad with a free trial available.

A tool that blends your everyday work apps into one. It’s the all-in-one workspace for you and your team. I use Notion for personal and business, but you can customise it to your needs to keep all your projects in one space.

Life changing Books & programs

The first personal development book I read which forever changed my life for the better. In this book, you’ll learn the most effective strategies and techniques for mastering your emotions, your relationships, and your entire life.

Consciousness is not an “easy” concept to understand yet it’s life itself. Power vs. Force makes understanding what consciousness is, how to measure it, and what a higher consciousness can do for you much easier to understand.

Want to master your personal life while making an impact in the world? If so, then this book is for you! In this book, you’ll learn how to embody both the “Buddha” and “Badass” mindsets to create a life you love and make an impact.

A favourite within the self-improvement and business world and a book that changed how I view and do business. In “Start with Why” you’ll discover the power of purpose and learn how great leaders inspire action and create a lasting impact.

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