Luke Burrows

I’ve had an interesting and challenging relationship with selling that I think stems from being sold to multiple times, and not liking the experience. These experiences have painted the picture of the used call salesman in my mind, and that selling is something I’m bad at. However, through conscious personal growth, I’ve come to realise that on some level we’re selling all of the time, whether that’s ourselves, and/or our ideas.

The concept of selling with love has helped with this process and starts by approaching sales from a place of authenticity, empathy, and genuine care for the “customer’s” well-being. Think of the “customer” as the person (or people) on the other end. I love how when I sat down with Jason Campbell to discuss this topic in more detail he referred to selling with love as more than just about closing deals or making profits, but about creating a positive impact, building relationships, and serving others with integrity.

There are five stages of selling with love. The first stage is about understanding the impact of the product or service being offered and recognising and appreciating the transformative effect it can have on the lives of others. By genuinely understanding and believing in the impact, you can effectively communicate its value to others.

The second stage focuses on loving the client and building strong relationships. It includes understanding the needs, desires, and pain points of others and truly caring about their well-being and success. By doing this you establish trust, loyalty, and long-term partnerships.

The third stage centres around loving the product (or whatever you’re selling). It’s having a deep appreciation for the product or service and involves understanding its features, benefits, and unique selling points. By genuinely believing in the value and benefits that the product offers, you will be enthusiastic and want to share it with others.

The fourth stage focuses on the concept of loving the sales process. For example, if we take some sales organisations they have toxic cultures that prioritise aggressive tactics, manipulation, and short-term gains. However, if you are able to focus on learning the sales process with empathy and authenticity with a genuine desire to help and serve, you will build meaningful connections and create win-win outcomes.

The fifth and final stage is all about self-love. It’s about your personal growth, self-improvement, and raising your own consciousness by investing in your own development, expanding your circle, and cultivating compassion towards yourself and others. This will help you to overcome common concerns and insecurities related to sales, such as fear of rejection and self-doubt. It will also enhance your ability to connect with others, understand their needs, and deliver value.

Ultimately, like most things in life selling with love is about taking action and learning from mistakes. This is what it takes to become a successful salesperson no matter what you’re selling. Embrace the journey of continuous learning and practice and the 10,000-hour rule as a path to mastery.