Luke Burrows

I’m an altruist and optimist which means that I care for all of humanity on a deep level and always see the light. I want what’s best for humanity, and have an ideal vision for what it means to be human. Therefore, you could also say I’m an idealist. All of this has given birth to two new concepts, one being Humanity First Values.

Simply put Humanity First Values are the values that I believe to be the foundation of all human existence. They are the cornerstone of humanity, yet unfortunately, we’ve forgotten what they are. However, by remembering them we can get back to what it means to be human, cultivate a deeper understanding of our existence, and overall live a more purposeful and peaceful life.

The Foundation of Human Existence – Love and Kindness

The first Humanity First Value is love and kindness. Take a look at any spiritual, religious, or ancient text and at some point it will mention love and kindness in some context. When I talk about love, I mean the deepest form of love which is unconditional love which is free from any condition, expectation, and/or rule. It’s the deepest and purest form of love and is what the universal is all about. When we combine this with the mindset of kindness and being kind to everyone and everything we create a more compassionate world and foster deeper connections with others. Plus, it just feels better!

Gratitude for the Present and Future

The second Humanity First Value is gratitude. It’s another fundamental value and the more I consciously think about it stems from unconditional love and kindness. There are two types of gratitude—gratitude for the present moment and gratitude for the emerging future. Gratitude for the present moment is about life now. It’s being appreciative and one with all that exists right now. Gratitude for the emerging future is about expressing gratitude for what is trying to emerge. Either way, expressing gratitude, even during challenging times, allows us to appreciate life’s journey and open ourselves up to possibilities.

Contribution – Giving Freely and Openly

The third value is contribution which similarly to love and kindness is in 99% if not all of spiritual and ancient texts and understandings that I’ve studied and come across. To contribute to the betterment of humanity is at the core of our purpose, and is one of the big reasons why we are here. True contribution is to give without expecting anything in return. It’s harder said than done, especially with our monkey minds often running the show. That’s a different topic for another day, but next time you give, try and do so while moving all expectations to one side, and give from an authentic deep place within you. Contribution is also sharing our unique strengths, skills, gifts, and talents with the world and by doing so making a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

Growth – The Inevitability of Growth

Next up, we have growth. I’ve mentioned this in previous episodes but I’ll say it again again here… To grow and evolve is a fundamental part of human existence. It’s one of the reasons why we are here. Growth is not limited to any one area of our lives as it extends across all dimensions including but not limited to our spiritual life, mindset, relationships, career, and the list goes on. Growing consciously leads us to be our highest and best selves, making the most out of life and what it means to be human.

Embracing Optimism – Seeing the Light

Being optimistic, maybe it’s no wonder I have included optimism as the fifth Humanity First Value but here me out… Optimism isn’t about being delusional or positive all of the time. It’s about always seeing the light and recognising what’s possible, even in challenging times. I believe optimism to be a practical approach to life and ties with the act of contributing because it naturally emerges when we give freely. Ultimately, optimism helps us to navigate life’s ups and downs knowing that the good is always present, no matter how small.

The Foundation of All Aspects – Health

The sixth value is one that I’ve become more passionate about over the last 18 months and, that is health. I approach health from a holistic perspective because that’s what it is. Health isn’t just one area of our lives, it’s the combination of all areas, individually and collectively. Health is the basis upon which all other values thrive. Health enables us to contribute, grow, and maintain an optimistic perspective on life because we’re functionally optimally and living our best lives. Try and give freely when you are sick – and see how that works out for you!


So, there you have it – the six Humanity First Values made up of love and kindness, gratitude, contribution, growth, optimism, and health— which when embraced can guide and lead us back to what it means to be human and toward a more meaningful, purposeful, and fulfilling life. These values provide a roadmap for navigating life’s challenges, create a deeper connection to our true selves and the world around us, and help us to a more conscious way of living. They are what I believe it means to be human and are available to us all.