Luke Burrows

Discovering my life purpose has been a lifelong quest of mine which has led me to explore the purpose of life itself. I’ve been fascinated with discovering why I and we are here and what is the point of it all. This led to me starting my personal growth journey a few years back, entering entrepreneurship, quitting many jobs, auditing my social circle, and even starting this podcast.

I’m still on this journey and don’t have all of the answers. However, recently I have made some new insights into what I believe to be the purpose of all human existence and why we are here. The concept I’m about to share with you is based on three foundational pillars of love, contribution, and growth, and how they are the purpose of all human existence.

Before doing so I would like to share two ideas with you on the topic of purpose. In particular relation to our individual life purposes. The first of which is the idea of us having multiple life purposes. By this I mean, our individual purposes could be to be a better human being and then to fulfil specific roles like being a better brother, son, or entrepreneur. This idea allows us to break down the idea of finding one big overall life purpose and let go of the pressures that come along with that.

The second is what if life’s purpose is about finding out what our life’s mission is, what we are here to do, and how we are meant to be. I wonder if life’s purpose is to embrace the quest of discovering our life’s mission and work. This idea signals that life is about the journey itself, and discovering and creating more of ourselves on the journey. I find it rather exciting!

The Three Pillars: Love, Contribution, and Growth

Now, that I’ve got those ideas off of my mind let’s dive into the purpose of all human existence which I may add are closely linked to Humanity First Values, and becoming Humanity-Plus which I have shared in previous episodes. They too play a fundamental role in understanding our life’s purpose.

1. Love: Unconditional Love at the Core

The first pillar of all human existence is to love and to love unconditionally to be exact. Unconditional love is free from any condition, expectation, and/or rule and is the purest form of love. It’s what the universe is all about. This love extends to and beyond ourselves, others, the environment, and the planet we call home. Unconditional love involves embracing a vibration of love for all without imposing personal standards on others. It’s the ineffable and beyond what words can describe.

2. Contribution: Uniqueness in Giving

The second pillar is contribution, and recognising how each person contributes is unique to them and their strengths, skills, gifts, talents, passions, and interests. Contribution isn’t based on what we think we “should” give to the world based on other people’s perceptions. It’s based on what we can give to others and how we can contribute in alignment with who and where we are in our journey. Conscious awareness and intention to serve from an authentic plan and genuinely support others are the key components of meaningful contribution and are one part of how we make the world a better place.

3. Growth: The Universal Law

The third pillar growth is recognising how all living organisms grow, evolve, die and repeat. Human beings are no exception apart from the fact that we can grow in multiple ways from spirituality to mentally to physically and beyond. We obviously die then move onto our next incarnation, but we also can die by letting go of old parts of ourselves and stepping into new empowering mental models and beliefs. Everything grows, so if we’re not growing on multiple fronts, in all of the ways that we can grow then what are we doing here?! A quick note is to also understand that our growth is unique to us and the best growth is to grow consciously. It’s also known that if we’re not growing, we’re actually dying and going backwards because everything else is growing and moving forward. Just another reason why growth is a natural part of our existence and why we are here!

Also, on the topic of growth, I believe that all growth equals success regardless of the scale. I believe that any form of personal growth is a success and something that we are to celebrate. Success is an ongoing journey of growth and development.

The Equation: Contribution + Growth = Life Purpose

Through realising the purpose of all human existence I discovered a powerful equation: contribution plus personal growth equals our life purpose. Basically, this equation brings light to the idea that our life purpose is activated when we create a vision for our life, focusing on how we can contribute to the world and how we intend to grow consciously. I’ve applied this to my own life, and whether or not it’s my “true” life purpose, I feel more purposeful and a greater sense of meaning in life with this equation activated.

When we embrace and create our lives based on the pillars of love, contribution, and growth, we live with more meaning and uncover our life purpose and I don’t know about you but a life with more meaning and purpose just feels better.