Luke Burrows

Intuition and self-actualisation are just two key components of embarking on a journey of spirituality, personal growth and self-improvement. Intuition is a guiding force that transcends mere intellect and emotion and in the words of my good friend Leeroy Mabonga, intuition is a holistic experience combined of the mind, body, and spirit. It is a powerful knowing that arises from within, that guides us to make choices and decisions and follow the path that aligns with our true essence.

One of the fundamental principles regarding intuition is that intuition is something innate within us all that we’re born with. The challenge is in the modern world, we aren’t encouraged to use our intuition, and therefore, lose the ability to do so. Intuition isn’t celebrated, and is often ignored and like building muscle, and learning a new skill if you don’t use it you lose it!

The good news is that we never lose our intuition for good. It never entirely goes away. I like to think of it as driving a car, if you don’t drive for any extended period of time and jump back in the driving seat it may take you a while to get familiar with and remember how to drive. But, the muscle memory so to speak doesn’t go. You just need to learn how to reactive it and it’s the same with intuition.

After, understanding the fundamental truth that intuition is innate and never goes away we can move on to understanding the difference between intuition and the ongoing chatter of the monkey mind. I don’t know about you but I’ve been guilty of mistaking the mind for intuition. Intuition isn’t in the mind. It’s a full-body experience of unwavering certainty and clarity. It is a deep-seated wisdom that does not require justification or validation but rather brings about a great sense of unwavering trust and faith in its guidance.

Faith is an integral part of learning to use our intuition again, as it connects us to something greater than ourselves. It is through faith that we find the courage to follow our intuition and move into uncharted places, even in the face of uncertainty because we have activated this innate part of us that will guide us, and as I like to say already knows the way.

The power of intuition is disruptive in its nature as it often leads down paths of challenging societal norms and stepping outside of one’s comfort zone. To be intuitive means to act and follow one’s intuition, which is a courageous act. When we follow our intuition we are going against the grain of following our own inner guidance instead of external expectations that will lead to transformative places of discovering our authentic selves and unlocking our full potential.

Being present allows for a deeper connection to our intuition. It’s when we get silent that we can “hear” our intuition and allow it to lead the way. This is a practice, that requires practice – hence the name practice. It’s through practice that we get on the path and journey to self-actualisation. Each moment is an opportunity to drop into our intuition and inner guidance and use it as our personal compass for growth and self-discovery, rather than being caught up in the monkey mind with past regrets or future anxieties.

In essence, by cultivating a deep connection with intuition and developing the ability to trust our own inner voice we step on the path to self-actualisation, personal growth and fulfilment and live life according to our own inner guidance system.