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The Power of Meditation


Well, that was an interesting week…

  • Four episodes of the podcast were recorded.

  • Spoke to a bunch of potential new guests.

  • New ideas came to the forefront.

  • And, took the weekend kinda off for a family birthday.

How was your week?

Latest Podcast

My latest podcast episode.

This week, I’m joined by Sunita Passi, founder of Tri-Dosha, who shares her journey from being a journalist to becoming a practitioner of Ayurveda and meditation. We discuss the origins of meditation and the power it has in helping us all achieve higher states of consciousness and promote overall well-being.

Sunita shares data and research that supports the benefits of this ancient practice, including the positive effects on crime rates and health conditions. Sunita shares why having regular practice and finding the right techniques that resonate with each individual is important.

We end the episode by discussing her book, ‘The Doctor Won’t See You Now,’ which provides an overview of Ayurveda and offers tools and techniques for staying healthy in the modern world.

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1 Insight To Consider

Thought-provoking insights to think about.

The realisation that when we are our most conscious selves, we are our best selves is something that I can’t stop thinking about.

It’s so just evident to me that this is true.

Think about all of the times that you were your “best self” and consider what were the conditions that made that possible.

One common denominator that you’ll likely find is that you were “conscious” – and not from the perspective of being awake – but from the perspective of being aware and/or present in the moment.

You weren’t in a reactive state. You were conscious, aware, and present.

The question is how can we remain in that state more often than not so we can be our best selves more often than not…

That’s one of the questions I’m fascinated by and on the journey of finding out.

And, I think it starts by understanding what are the conditions that put us in that state and then doing the things that put us in that state most of the time…

For me, that’s meditation and/or breath work, movement, having my own space, and listening to or watching inspirational content as well as engaging in deep conversations.

What’s it for you?

1 Idea To Act On

Simple actions to improve your health & life.

Keeping with the theme of this week’s podcast episode, let’s talk meditation…

I believe we all need some form of destimulation.

Especially in the world we live in today.

Our minds and bodies aren’t designed for the high level of stress and busyness that we face which contribute to many of the chronic illnesses and diseases that are on the rise.

Meditation is a great practice and solution for this challenge so many of us face.

Yet, many have stigmas about this ancient practice which holds them back from practising and believe they don’t need to meditate or simply can’t.

I’m not here to convince you to meditate. All that I know is that meditation has helped me to overcome chronic anxiety and live a more peaceful life.

I would like to encourage you to consider and/or take another look at mediation if you’ve never practised it before, or have done so but not for any extended period of time.

Meditation doesn’t have to be, and isn’t always sitting in a lotus pose humming, and/or chanting. Meditation is about becoming one with yourself. And, there are many forms of meditation that one can practice.

I would recommend that you start by setting a timer for 5 minutes, getting comfortable in a chair or lying down (as I do) and bringing your attention to the present moment. When your mind wonders, which it will do know that’s okay. It’s normal. And, to allow those thoughts to pass bringing yourself consistently back to the present moment.

After the 5 minutes are up check in with how you feel. The likelihood is you’ll feel more peaceful and at one with life.

However, sometimes during meditation, we experience uncomfortable feelings. These are the feelings that we have been suppressing. Allow them to be reversing all judgment.

Meditation is about awareness. That’s all. There is no right or wrong.

Start today, by practising for 5 minutes. If 5 minutes is too long then drop down to 3 minutes, or 60 seconds to start.

And, if you’re wondering about the difference between meditation and breath work check out the episode with Sunita who expertly summarises the two and explains how they are different practices that can work together.

Meditation will change you and your life for the better if you give it time to do so. Start today.

Principle Of Life

Principles & reminders to help you live your best life.

#04: Always be honest with yourself and tell the truth.

Until next week,

Luke Burrows

Founder, Podcast Host

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