Luke Burrows

RC08: Creating a Fearless Business and Life with Robin Waite

All emotions and feelings have a purpose and are a signal to the body to respond in a certain way. The amygdala is the part of the brain that is responsible for this, and its job as well as every single cell in our body is to keep us alive. The amygdala is the survival […]

RC07: How to Sell and Lead with Love with Jason Marc Campbell

I’ve had an interesting and challenging relationship with selling that I think stems from being sold to multiple times, and not liking the experience. These experiences have painted the picture of the used call salesman in my mind, and that selling is something I’m bad at. However, through conscious personal growth, I’ve come to realise […]

RC06: Raising Health Consciousness with Leyla Baklali-Spence

Conceptually we understand that making nutrient-dense food choices will have the greatest positive impact on our health, well-being, and longevity yet due to being subject to the food industry, which hijacks the part of us that likes sweet treats, convenience, and is inherently lazy we make food choices that aren’t good for us. There are […]

RC04: The Law of Attraction Only Works If You Do The Work with Esther McCann

I wonder if we really know and understand the power of conscious personal growth, manifestation, and the power of the mind. Sure, there have been and continue to be many studies on these phenomenons which I find fascinating. Simultaneously, I also think the true power of these phenomenons are limitless and could be beyond our […]