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I’m an ambitious and multi-passionate person who’s passions include football, entrepreneurship and almost anything to do with personal growth and unlocking human potential.

I love to help people to live their own passions and tap into their own human potential by challenging conventional thinking and social norms of society and the world.

So often we build our own mental prisons and live within them or don’t do what we truly want to do in life due to judgements, pressures and opinions of other people.

My mission is to change this by creating businesses, cultures, environments and communities that challenges the conventional thinking and social norms through sharing personal growth, self-discovery and entrepreneurship which I believe will help people to unlock their true potential.


Founded in 2018, Grow2Gether is a personal growth & self-discovery community and educational platform that helps people to unlock their human potential and accomplish the ultimate goal… a better version of themselves!

Motivational Mentors

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